Arles feria

Come and discover the city of Arles during the Easter Fair from our campsite in Arles.

Come and discover the city of Arles on the occasion of the Easter Fair.

In the program Camargaises races, novilladas and bullfights. Many other events and activities will also be offered outside the arena: abrivados, penas, bodegas, bandas, bandido, aubade, encierro, concerts, fireworks … A very busy entertainment program that your entire family will enjoy.

Arles the festive, so we could name it, since it embodies totally the world of the festival and that of the feria. If you’ve never had a Feria experience, it’s not too late to do it!
The Easter Fair in Arles represents the annual, major and unmissable event of the city. It inaugurates the beginning of the demonstrations, with its meeting of Spanish bullfighting. A celebration that brings together passionate, but also novices and many revelers. The whole city is boiling and metamorphosing, the amphitheater becomes an arena to receive the bullfights.
The show also takes place in the streets to the sound of fanfares. In the evening, bodegas are improvised, this is the place to enjoy some tapas and marvel at some Sevillian dances.

The rice fair
The second Arles meeting unavoidable it will take place in September. You will admire the bulls bullfights but also the different types of bullfighting, the taurine school is also part of the party and presents races. Two other events are associated with the Rice Fair, the Horse Festival and the Camargue Gourmande, a whole program! Another special feature, the Goyesque Fair: organized during the Feria del Riz, it is renowned for its costumes, each toreador is dressed in the era of the painter Goya, it is accompanied by an orchestra and a beautiful soprano singing .